An important message (via Movember) on World Suicide Prevention Day

When life throws some challenges your way, having a conversation is a good thing. It’s a simple fact, but talking things through with someone you trust can mean the difference between staying in a dark place and giving yourself the opportunity to understand that things will get better.

Men are pretty good at talking about sport, work, movies or the latest gadget, but we need to get better at talking about the significant stuff going on in our lives – things like losing a job, the breakdown of a relationship or becoming a father for the first time. These things happen to all of us, and for some, they prove challenging to the point where they have the potential to derail us.

Tragically, for too many men, the first and only time they talk about how these changes have affected them is in a suicide note. So today, on World Suicide Prevention Day, we have a simple message – Men, we need to talk, especially when things get tough.

[Shared from Movember]

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